Saturday, 23 July 2011

I will blow your mind!

       OK, what I want you to do is think of a number, any number, don't tell me... well you couldn't even if you wanted to but bear with me. Now double you number, done it, good. Now I want you to add 6, alright. Now half you number and subtract the original starting number. OK, all good.

       Using my amazing powers of the mind I will now say that your resulting number is 3.

       Cool right!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

YouTube Favorites! #1 : Freddiew

       We all like going to the movies, watching movies and even participating in them. So YouTube is the perfect way to satisfy our need for visual media. Except for the fact that there are too many videos of poor quality and poor content, so this series will aim to enlighten people on who are really the top "YouTubers"!
       The first person, or people, I will be reviewing will be the people behind the famous Freddiew Channel. Now for those of you who haven't already seen his videos, the are mini-movies, if you will, and all look very professional. He uploads a video every week so you can be sure that there will be a regular stream of videos for you to enjoy. A lot of what he does involves guns, but there are many other varieties of media which he does also bring to the table.
        The reason that I believe he should be on this list is the fact that his videos look extremely professional and are very enjoyable to watch.

FREDDIEW(1).jpeg (310×163)

Monday, 18 July 2011

Robotic Cat's Wishlist! - Dell Alienware Area-51 ALX Desktop

       I have been away for quite a long time now and to try and get this blog back on track I am starting up this series where I outline what technological item I would wish to own.

       To start off I will choose the Dell Alienware Area-51 ALX Desktop which I believe when fully kitted out could be the ultimate computer. So what are the specs like, I hear you ask, well you have a choice between two incredibly powerful core i7 processors, 6 or 12 GB of high speed ram, a choice of hard drives that range from a 2TB 7200 rpm drive to a 1TB SSD, and a choice out of a multitude of high speed, blue ray disk drives. On top of all that you get not one but two GB amd graphics cards, that gives you and incredible 4GB of ram just for graphics alone! That's 4x the amount of ram the entire of my computer has to use!

       Well that was a lot of tech info, but was is this computer actually good for. Well, a lot. It can run games effortlessly, render HD videos in a matter of seconds, deliver fast speeds when it comes to graphical design and overall it is a complete powerhouse for anything that you through at it. While doing all this it still manages to look good.
      You might be thinking that all this is too good to be true, well it almost is, with a starting cost of over £2000, and thats before yo add any extras. But then again, that's why its on my wish list.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


       I am back! Sorry for the really long absence, I have been in a play and now my exams are coming up I have to revise for those!
       So today's post will be about the thing that many students and even some parents hate. Homework!
It's that idea of not being able to spend your free time having fun because you have to finish some maths questions or translate a piece of Latin. Sometimes homework can be fun and ok but other times it is well..... not!
For example, a week ago I was set a piece of maths homework where all I did was solve the same type of question over and over again for 45 minutes. Now that has to be something in the law for the protection of kids that says something against that!
       Now I do realise that there are many fun or enjoyable homeworks that are set including one I also did last week where I had to write an ending to the Taming of the Shrew, (a decent play if you want to read it) it turned out I like that sort of thing and actually I managed 1000 words quite easily! However there are many many arguments against homework. No time, difficulty, useless etc.

      It is very easy for anyone to criticise homework, but does anyone have any solutions for it? I think that teachers should set us tasks that involve thinking, new ideas and creativity instead of just repetitive questions. For example you could be told you had to right out your own war time speech for history or solve a more complex clever puzzle for maths.
       All in all, I believe that it is easier to criticise than it is to help. If instead of students getting frustrated over the work we are getting we actually said something, came up with new ideas maybe we could be heard.

Sunday, 12 September 2010


What is Linux?

 All computers have an operating system which allows you to use the computer. The most common operating systems(or O.S's as they are commonly known) are ones like Windows and OS X for a mac. Linux is just another one of thise but unlike Windows and OS X it is free and open source.

What are Linux Distros?

There are lots of different versions of Linux that are made by different people and different companies.Each one varies in looks and core features but they tend to have all the same software. The most famous Linux distro is Ubuntu.

Why should I get Linux?

Linux is the building blocks for all the other O.S's kind of like Latin is for all the other languages. The programming is the foundations for all O.S's therefore you know that you will have the ability of Windows without the crashes adn also the design of a mac with the office abilities of windows.It also has lower requirements than all the other O.S's so it will run smoothly even on realy cheap machines.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Computer Buying Guide

       Recently I wrote a post on the Top 5 Computers but I only picked out 5 of the hundreds of possible computers. So I will write this post about picking the perfect computer for you.
       The first tip that I will tell you is that usually a lot of computer sales people will tell you that you should buy a computer that has an Intel Celeron processor and you will be happy with it. If you only want to be able to check your email or go on Skype then by all means get it but if you actually want to use your computer for office, games, editing or even managing pictures then definitely get a processor that is Intel's Core 2 Duo or higher. I realise that those processors are quite expensive and most Pentium processors should be adequate as long as the clock speed(GHz) is higher than 2.0GHz. AMD processors can be difficult to choose but are cheaper. They use a different measurement of clock speed and use thousands instead of GHz so that if an AMD processor has a clock speed of 2.0GHz it usually means it has about 1.8GHz. The best AMD Processors to go for are the Opteron and the quad core Athlon(Athlon II x4). The amount of cores basically tell you how many processors are packed into one chip. A single core is very bad and I would avoid getting them over than in a netbook and dual cores are much better and will comfortably carry out most programs. A good processor will have 4 cores or will be called a quad core processor. These range from Core 2 Quads, which are cheap but very powerful, to the Core i 5 and Core i 7 Processors which are quite expensive but have the power of God. Recently Intel announced their first Six Core Processor and called in the Westemere Processor. This eats photoshop and Chrysis(Both being very power hungry pieces of software) for breakfast.        
       The next tip is for RAM. RAM is the computers memory that allows it to save programs in the background. Therefore the more RAM you have the more open programs you can have and the more complex applications such as film editing and graphics work. I would recommend getting at least 2 GB of ram for some who does light office work, email, music, Skype and online games. If you want to do more then get 3GB and for someone who regularly uses their computer and has large programs then 4GB or higher is for you.
       Hard-Drive space comes in ranges from 80GB to 2TB have different speeds from 5200, 7200, 10 000 and also SSDs which are very fast Solid State Drives that have no moving parts so they are extremely fast and also are very durable. For any light user 250 GB is ample space for Word Documents, Itunes libraries and videos. You do have to remember that software and the operating system tends to take up a lot of space on a Hard-Drive and also most computers that you buy off the shelve have bloatware installed(Programs that are not needed but that are preloaded) which takes up space. I would recommend that now because Hard-Drives are increasingly cheap look out for a 7200 rpm dive that holds 500GB or more.
       CD/DVD ROM drives aren't too different from each over except for their speed but the cheapest ones are easily adequate. The the speed is to do with how fast the CD drives will take data off the disk and also put it onto a disk. It is obvious which ones are faster for instance 22X is faster than 16X. The faster the drive the faster you can burn and rip CDs.
       The last point is the Operating System or the OS. The usual OS's are Windows and OSX. Windows is the most common as you can only get OSX on a mac. The two forms of windows which are worth looking at are 7 and XP Windows 7 is the most recent version however it is slightly bloated and has a very graphical interface which a small cheap computer might find it hard to cope with. The simplicity, however, of Windows XP means that almost all computers in the world can run it. It is very reliable and you will find that a lot of schools and business's run XP. Still Windows 7 is a nice OS that has many features such as snap which allows you to drag windows to the side of the screen and they will snap to halve the size of the screen. Most PCs should come with Windows 7 pre installed however it might be better if you have a clean installation(wipe the hard-drive completely over than the OS) to save space and speed up your computer. A few computers come with windows vista. Either don't buy them or usually they are going cheap and they usually have decent specs but the OS means they are being sold cheaper so you may as well buy the computer and a copy of Windows 7. You get get Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate. Basic is for Netbooks. I would get Professional but there is practically no difference between the versions. Don't get Ultimate because it is twice the price for the same software as Professional. There are several other free OS's called Linux Distros. I will get into those Later.
       Finally I would like to say that a netbookthis website which has a very simple interface and allows you to build the perfect computer of you dreams. You could also build your own computer at home where you have to buy all the parts listed in this blog and put them together yourself. Fun for a Geek.

Monday, 30 August 2010

100 Quotes #2

"I am Spartacus"

Spartacus - Spartacus