Saturday, 27 February 2010

Transformers ": Revenge of the Fallen

I have just watched Transformers 2: Revenge of the fallen. I was surprised when I found I was slightly board at the beginning of the film mainly because there is no action at the beginning but also the fact that the film has developed a story line. This means that we can't just stand and watch as Bumblebee takes down a giant robot that is trying to kill everyone but we have to pay attention to the story as well. As an action film I felt that it lacked something that the first one had. Maybe great effects and huge explosions are old news now. Who knows maybe instead of watching giant machines beat each other up we wan't to watch love scenes and we want to find out if the fact that having a giant alien robot in your garage affects your relationship. Overall I'd say that if you want a heart pumping action film I would lean towards something like the new Iron Man 2 Film. However if you want a love filled warm film with some explosions and alien robots in the background then go with transformers.


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