Sunday, 7 March 2010

The innerworkings of a calculator

I have said that I will post about tech and cats, so far i have not posted any of those. So here is some tech. I took apart my calculator over the weekend. The picture above shows what it looks like. I simply took off a few screws(6 to be precise) from the back and the whole back fell off. The white bit you see is the screen which I am assuming is either lcd or led. Then again it would be cool if it was an oled screen!!!! Most people probably won't know what that is. Huh!

Anyway, I was able to pull the screen back and saw that there were two cables coming from the screen to the main boared of the calculator which has the red processor. I noticed that there was a normal battery at the top????

I then unscrewed 6 screws from the main boared and it lifted off and looked like this.

Then it turns out that if i touch a part of the back of the main boared with a screw that was conductive the calculator would work.

For the cat side of things there is this:

Anyway, till next post.



Emily said...

This is really interesting! I've never seen the inside of a calculator before! Did you manage to get it back together and working again?

Robotic Cats said...

It still worked but i mysteriously lost 2 of the screws.


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