Sunday, 25 July 2010

5 Things To Keep You Entertained

Considering that my blog is mainly about entertainment I thought this would be a good idea! This is in no particular order.
1) Ipod or Mp3

I have the Ipod nano 4th generation and I have few complaints apart from the terrible battery life. I went on a holiday to Wales recently and I brought my ipod with me on the car journey and it barely lasted 4 hours when I only had it playing music on shuffle and the screen turned off. My old ipod shuffle, on the other hand, could last for weeks!. I do like apple products and I do think that the Ipod is a very good Mp3 player but I wish that I had got the Iphone or Ipod touch, just for that added fun with the web browser and apps. I have never really had another mp3 player over than the one on my phone. That is the other point that I would like to make which is that as phones get more advanced and get bigger and better software they will make the different gadgets will become redundant!

2) Portable Video Games System(Nintendo DS or the PSP)


A great way of having fun at home is to play on something like your PlayStation or Xbox. So that makes being able to play your games on the move even better. I happen to have the DS Lite, I also happen to really want a PSP. They are both great portable consoles and I certainly play on my DS enough. The DS's battery life is great and the ability to close the console and be able to return to your game later is fantastic! I also have a Wii which means I can connect the two wirelessly and download demos to my DS. The same type of service is available with the PSP and the PS3. There sre lots of games for your portable console that offer near full console fun and advanced graphics for such small things.

3)The Internet

There is literally years of fun on the Internet if your playing games on sites like Miniclip, watching videos on Youtube or finding out about things on Wikipedia. It is great if you have your laptop or even if your have something like an ipod touch or your phone. There is so much entertainment out there on the Internet to keep you happy. Some fun websites are Animoto, Face Your Manga, Driving Simulator

4) A Good Book

We all know that a good book can keep us occupied for hours by  taking us into new worlds that have living skeletons and talking animals. For those people who don't like reading then magazines are also quite entertaining. I also know of a least 1 DS game that allows you to read classic books on your DS and I also know of a few apps that let you read books on your Iphone, Ipod Touch and even Ipad!!!

5) A Piece of Paper and a Pen

There are countless amounts of games that I can think of which are playable with only a piece of paper and a pen. I used to play games with my sister such as the one word each story where you both take it in turns to say a word that creates a story.I would also play consequences which is a really fun game. How to Play. You can write stories and draw pictures, I even made a game! My Sisters Blog!!!

So there it is. These are a few things that I think can keep you entertained.


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