Sunday, 15 August 2010

Top Five: Computers

1: The HP Mini

Fantastic little computer, starting at £250 you'll get an Intel atom 1.66ghz processor, 1gb of ram, 160 GB hard-drive and a 10.1" screen. Great for web surfing, blogging, YouTube, light office work. It has a long battery life and 3 usb ports, VGA output, bluetooth and wifi. This is a perfect netbook for people who always on the move.

2: Dell Inspiron Desktop

A great desktop featuring the new core i processors which brings it into competition with the really powerful PCs. It is available in several bright, fun colours which can look smart in an office or warm at home. It features great customizability on the dell website and it is made by dell so you know that it will be a decent.

 3: Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop

It is a very well priced machine with a dual core Pentium processor and 3GB of ram. This is perfect for someone who needs a laptop that can do work and games along with web surfing and media. Possibly a great first laptop.

4: Toshiba Satellite L650-10G

 Super powerful laptop with a Core i5 processor and 4GB of Ram. This is the best priced performance laptop I could find. At only £629 at PC World this is great value. This is a true desktop replacement that could handle games (including Chrysis), advanced video editing, HD and advanced office work. This should be a laptop of choice for lots of people out there.

 5: Mac Pro

Who said Macs were about looks rather than performance. The new range of macs feature 12 CORES while still looking great. As well as featuring 12 cores, you can load up to 32GB of ram into it and up to 8TB of hard-drive or 4 X 512GB Solid State Drives. Including the lovely Snow Leopard OS this is the ultimate Computer.


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