Sunday, 15 August 2010

Toy Story 3 (3D)

       Last week I went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D. Obviously I was with my friend, I wasn't just alone in a cinema. The movie was entertaining and humorous, there were even a few lol moments, and I felt it carried on the story well from the other two.

       The basic storyline is that Andy, the owner, is going off to college. He is going to put his toys in the attic but accidentally they get thrown out. The toys escape thinking that Andy doesn't want them anymore, they decide to go to a daycare centre. They were having a great time until the children come in from break and wreak havoc with the poor toys. They ask the big bear ,who is the head of all the toys, if they can go into the butterfly room where all the toys are played with nicely. Unfourtunately we find out that the bear is evil and resets buzz to his factory settings and locks the toys up. Then Woody, who had said that it was a bad idea to come to the daycare centre and had left, came to the rescue after being helped by a talking telephone. The toys tries to bring Buzz back but accidently turned him Spanish. Jessie, the cow-girl, then had an admirer.  El buzzo and the gang managed to escape but then the bear confronted them with his henchmen. The poor toys were then taken to a trash dump and lauched into the incinerator and just before being melted down they were rescued by the three Little Green Men who had taken over "The Claw". In the end Andy ends up giving the toys to a little girl down the road who loves playing with them.

       Overall I found this movie good, not absolutely fantastic but it kept me entertained for the best part of an hour and a quarter. I felt Disney did a good job in keeping the storyline going and producing a good disney film. So if you liked the original Toy Story then you will like this movie as well.


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