Monday, 16 August 2010


Wires Wires everywhere
I should clean them but I don't care
They power all my tech and stuff
Of which I definitely have enough
One day there will be no mess
That is when tech is wireless

I have lots of tech, which is why I chose to do my blog about tech and entertainment. The PS3 I aquired recently from a certain source. No, I did not steal it! All of my tech has to be plugged in and connected by wires. The PS3's wireless controllers are a God send. Sometimes I am very annoyed that all my cables are messed up. Everything works but it is hell when you try to find something. Unfourtunately I also have a PS2 which I don't have plugged in. One way that I think I can help tidy the cables is to wrap elastic bands around the cables to shortern the cable and help to not have loose cables everywhere. You can buy cable ties and cable management at office stores and computer stores. One last thing if you absolutely have no hope at all is to hide the cables. I know this isn't really cable management but it will help when you look at the tv and you don't always see the horrible mess of cables. I hope this will help you with your problems if not there is a poem above.


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