Sunday, 12 September 2010


What is Linux?

 All computers have an operating system which allows you to use the computer. The most common operating systems(or O.S's as they are commonly known) are ones like Windows and OS X for a mac. Linux is just another one of thise but unlike Windows and OS X it is free and open source.

What are Linux Distros?

There are lots of different versions of Linux that are made by different people and different companies.Each one varies in looks and core features but they tend to have all the same software. The most famous Linux distro is Ubuntu.

Why should I get Linux?

Linux is the building blocks for all the other O.S's kind of like Latin is for all the other languages. The programming is the foundations for all O.S's therefore you know that you will have the ability of Windows without the crashes adn also the design of a mac with the office abilities of windows.It also has lower requirements than all the other O.S's so it will run smoothly even on realy cheap machines.


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