Wednesday, 20 July 2011

YouTube Favorites! #1 : Freddiew

       We all like going to the movies, watching movies and even participating in them. So YouTube is the perfect way to satisfy our need for visual media. Except for the fact that there are too many videos of poor quality and poor content, so this series will aim to enlighten people on who are really the top "YouTubers"!
       The first person, or people, I will be reviewing will be the people behind the famous Freddiew Channel. Now for those of you who haven't already seen his videos, the are mini-movies, if you will, and all look very professional. He uploads a video every week so you can be sure that there will be a regular stream of videos for you to enjoy. A lot of what he does involves guns, but there are many other varieties of media which he does also bring to the table.
        The reason that I believe he should be on this list is the fact that his videos look extremely professional and are very enjoyable to watch.

FREDDIEW(1).jpeg (310×163)


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