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Saturday, 23 July 2011

I will blow your mind!

       OK, what I want you to do is think of a number, any number, don't tell me... well you couldn't even if you wanted to but bear with me. Now double you number, done it, good. Now I want you to add 6, alright. Now half you number and subtract the original starting number. OK, all good.

       Using my amazing powers of the mind I will now say that your resulting number is 3.

       Cool right!


   I am back! Sorry for the really long absence, I have been in a play and now my exams are coming up I have to revise for those!
       So today's post will be about the thing that many students and even some parents hate. Homework!
It's that idea of not being able to spend your free time having fun because you have to finish some maths questions or translate a piece of Latin. Sometimes homework can be fun and ok but other times it is well..... not!
For example, a week ago I was set a piece of maths homework where all I did was solve the same type of question over and over again for 45 minutes. Now that has to be something in the law for the protection of kids that says something against that!
       Now I do realise that there are many fun or enjoyable homeworks that are set including one I also did last week where I had to write an ending to the Taming of the Shrew, (a decent play if you want to read it) it turned out I like that sort of thing and actually I managed 1000 words quite easily! However there are many many arguments against homework. No time, difficulty, useless etc.

      It is very easy for anyone to criticise homework, but does anyone have any solutions for it? I think that teachers should set us tasks that involve thinking, new ideas and creativity instead of just repetitive questions. For example you could be told you had to right out your own war time speech for history or solve a more complex clever puzzle for maths.
       All in all, I believe that it is easier to criticise than it is to help. If instead of students getting frustrated over the work we are getting we actually said something, came up with new ideas maybe we could be heard.

Really, Really, Really, Really Late

I am writing this post Really, Really, Really, Really Late. Have you ever found that you think about different things when it is Really, Really, Really, Really Late. I think we should all write a post when it is Really, Really, Really, Really Late. Then say in your post that it is Really, Really, Really, Really Late. I am going to finish now because it is Really, Really, Really, Really Late.

That is so cute!